In addition to being able to supply you with large quantities of raw product we also offer a range of developed products ready branded with our reputable name or choose our white label option. Alternatively, we can label the products to your own branded design ready for your store from soil to sale. 


CBD Hemp Flower
Premium Outdoor Strains
We have a range of CBD and THC flower available. Accommodating for both low THC, CBD flower and higher THC demands for recreational use. All of our hemp flower varieties come packaged in glass jars in varying sizes ready for sale. For more information about the full range of our hemp flowers, our strains, varieties and their CBD and THC content and quantities available please enquire below.
Full-Spectrum Extract
CBD Rich Oil & Distillate
Our assured CBD extraction method enables us to create a full range of CDB oils to cater for all requirements. Our oils are extracted using cutting edge ethanol-based equipment. Benefits of using an ethanol extraction method are that the end result is a higher quality and purer CBD oil. Our range is made up of varying flavours of CBD Oil isolate containing 99.8% pure cannabidiol, full-spectrum extract and CBD distillate. 
Powder & Liquid
In our range of powders and liquids, there are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and pure isolates that have been captured in powders and liquids for many uses. CBD powders and liquids can be put to use in energy drinks, candy, baked goods, skincare etc due to the fact they are water-soluble. Make your own CBD products. To find out more enquire below.
Crystalline Cannabidiol
Industrial hemp full spectrum Crystalline Cannabidiol extract. 99% pure CBD crystals that can be dissolved in food or used in vapes. CBD crystals are another way of creating your own CBD products using our high-quality hemp crop. Find out more by enquiring below.
Pet Products
Soft Chews & Oil Drops
High Pro Grow's, CBD infused and ready for sale pet treats and oils. Specifically designed and tailored to pets tastes so they can get the best from hemp products too. 
Oil Drops
Formulated & Bottled
A range of exclusive High Pro Grow blends that are made on request to order. We can add natural flavours, sweeteners and optional hemp terpenes. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.
Soft Gel & Dry Caps
CBD capsules and gels that act as an additional supplement and flavourless dosed alternative to using edible oils. A range of plain or herbily enhanced capsules are available. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.
Skin Care
Beauty & Topical
An extensive range of white label and branded High Pro Grow beauty products, ready-made and shipped for instant sale. Our range includes our CBD isolate oil infused with other essential oils for use on face and body along with moisturisers, lip care, sunscreens, face masks and makeup. To request a full product list, get in touch.
Fruit Chews
CBD Infused
CBD Infused fruit chews add another alternative way to ingest CBD in dosed amounts. An alternative that is also suitable for children to get the benefits from CBD extract. High Pro Grow chews are made with 100% organic ingredients and are available in a range of flavours. Get in touch to find out more.

Quality Matters

HighProGrow is on a mission to create products based fully on science and transparency. Their oils are packed full of high-quality full-spectrum CBD and taste amazing. 

Katy Noble

HPG Consumer

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