Why is hemp great for your skin and used in beauty products?

And what’s the difference between products that contain hemp oil and CBD?


Hemp has been utilised as a beauty product for just as long as the crop has been cultivated on the planet. Of course, with a 50-year prohibition thrown in the mix its been harder in more modern times to reap the benefits for beauty that our much-loved wonder crop offers. That’s not to say that the right to use the qualities of hemp in beauty products has not been hard fought for during prohibition times. In 1998 famous UK brand The Body Shop, founded by entrepreneur, Anita Roddick started their controversial ‘hemp’ brand that was met with staunch resistance and misplaced anxiety all over the world. Over twenty years later now the hemp range is firmly established one of their most popular ranges worldwide.

So just why are hemp, and hemp derivatives so good used on your skin and what’s the difference between products that include hemp oil or CBD oil?


Hemp Oil in Beauty Products


The use of hemp oil in beauty products is well established and researched. Hemp oil is extracted purely from hemp seeds by a simple cold-press method and usually unrefined. The resulting oil is a transparent dark green and has a nutty taste, it's actually very tasty!

Hemp oil has a perfect balance essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9, and research has shown that hemp oil can be an effective treatment for severe skin conditions such as… 

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Lichen planus


As well as helping ease skin conditions hemp oil has also been found to…

  • Moderate oil production
  • Moisturise and soothe inflammation – in fact, one of the key benefits of hemp oil is that it acts as a great anti-inflammatory agent!
  • Have anti-ageing properties
  • Skin protection
  • Not clog pores
  • Great used on sensitive skin


Hemp oil is great used inside and out, and can also benefit your hair, skin and nails when ingested, though it’s always good to consult your doctor first before starting to take a regular dose, to be sure it will not interact with any prescribed medications.


CBD in Beauty Products


CBD beauty is usually more expensive due to the process required to extract the compound from the plant and the fact that it’s still very new to the beauty industry. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is an extract of the cannabis plant that can be found in the flowers, leaves and stems of hemp and cannabis, utilizing the entire plant from stem to leaf for production.

Additionally, full-spectrum CBD (which can contain small amounts of THC) extract contains terpenes and nutrients that don’t appear in hemp oil alone. (You can read more about the differences of THC and CBD, and the other compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plants in our blog... What's the difference between THC and CBD and what are their known qualities?

Research into the benefits of CBD in beauty products is still in its early stages, though, the benefits found in research are proving to have similar qualities as hemp oil with the most significant finding being that it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. However, it is debated that because hemp seeds don’t have the same cannabinoid profile, with terpenes and the other cannabinoid compounds, you’re only getting a fraction of the benefits on offer when using hemp seed oil in your beauty products. With the belief that the different compounds of the cannabis plant work better when they’re used together rather to being used individually.

One of the other main differences at present is the fact that CBD oil is currently largely unregulated, though, thankfully it is a trend that most products containing CBD state the quantity used in their products even though this is not a legal requirement. This has led to a lot of confusion about the usage of CBD and its benefits in beauty products as well as some brands marketing CBD products in a misleading way with unfounded claims about the benefits of using their products.

We advise that when buying products that are said to contain CBD check the label – hemp oil products should always specify hemp seed oil as the active ingredient while CBD oil should be listed as cannabidiol, either as a full spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate extracted product, and if the product states the quantity used – even better!

Although the benefits of hemp in beauty products can be undisputed, it’s clear more regulation and research into the usage of the different cannabinoid compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants is still greatly needed, so we can maximise the beauty benefits hemp and cannabis cleary has to offer!


“In 24 years in the cosmetics industry, I can think of few ingredients that stand out simply because of their performance and efficacy…but hemp is one of them.” 

Anita Roddick – The Body Shop


In addition to being able to supply you with large quantities of raw product, we also offer a range of developed products ready branded with our reputable name or choose our white label option. Alternatively, we can label the products to your own branded design ready for your store from soil to sale. Find out more about our range of CBD and hemp wholesale products or get in touch with one of team at info@highprogrow.com 

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