Why Having Sex High, Feels So Good!

The cannabinoid system is related to the cannabis plant but did you know that our bodies have an endogenous cannabinoid system built within us as well? Our biological cannabinoid system, named after the cannabis plant, is an important physiologic system in the body. The cannabinoid receptors dispersed throughout the brain are responsible for the regulation of neuronal activity and the mental and physical effects that are caused by THC. These effects from THC and even CBD enhance senses which is why combining cannabis and sex feels so good. Depending on which nervous system regions are involved, either stimulating or inhibiting the endocannabinoid system can cause a wide range of beneficial effects. These effects from THC especially enhance our senses and can increase sex drive and makes the experience much more pleasurable.


"Cannabis can really help you think outside the box."

CannaSexual Creator Ashley Mantra.


For example, when CB1 receptors in peripheral pain sensory neurons are activated, they block transmission of the pain signals to the brain, this may be the reason why consuming THC tends to lower inhibitions. According to a study by the National Survey of Family Growth which was based on data collected by more than 40 thousand men and women, daily cannabis users reported having 20% more sex than non-users. When taking the right THC levels for your body, cannabis has been shown to boost energy, creativity, and lower stress levels, making sex more fun. So you can see now why this can be a major bonus in the bedroom, especially for us women as we tend to get in our heads during sex. For anyone, the way we feel about our bodies has a huge impact on our ability to receive pleasure. Sex requires us to surrender into the present moment, and fully experience each sensation, worrying about how we look, or how our partner is perceiving us only takes us out of the sensation and the experience. Sex is always more enjoyable when we're not burdened with worries and we can be present with our partner.

Especially if you are newer to cannabis, it's good practice to use a combination of CBD along with THC as high amounts of THC have been known to cause anxiety, CBD is known for relieving anxiety. There are several other great alternatives to get you in the mood if you're sex life is suffering but you're not sure if you're willing to smoke cannabis. Besides the obvious option of eating edibles, there is a whole array of arousal oils and products that you can apply directly to the skin or sensitive areas and still receive the benefits of THC.

Another reason why these types of creams and oils work so great is that they're perfect for initiating foreplay with your partner. Cannabis is reported to act as a natural vasodilator which are medicines that work to interact with your body's natural receptors. Supporting in healthy blood flow and regulating your body when experiencing things such as chronic pain. THC has been known to expand blood vessels which increases blow flow, especially in sensitive areas. This is also why your eyes get so red when you're high, it's caused by the increased blood flow. For these reasons people who experience pain during sex or simply want extra stimulation should look to using lubricants, lotions or oils that have THC and CBD in them which can take your sex life out of this world.


Who says you even need to have a partner?

These types of products are perfect to incorporate into your personal self-care routine and while masturbating. Simply being high can aid in boosting self-esteem, happiness and self-love so consuming cannabis and exploring your body can be one of the best ways to love yourself. After all, I believe what's truly so great about sex is that we are allowing ourselves to slow down while having fun, being relaxed and present in our experience.

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