Why April is a month of Celebration for Hemp and Cannabis

The abolishment of hemp and cannabis prohibition across the USA is, of course, a cause for celebration in itself. However, the month of April is now becoming an international month of celebration for hemp and cannabis lovers, and the industry as a whole. April sees three, back to back hemp, cannabis and environmentally focused holidays…


4/20 – aka Cannabis Day

The most famous of the three linked awareness days is 4/20. This holiday is now infamous in the USA and in the western world and is annually, slowly but surely growing as a cannabis holiday around the globe. 4/20 is a day to celebrate marijuana culture and also acts as a day of campaigning to legalise cannabis use in countries where it is still prohibited.

The origins of 4/20 are ironically hazy, however, its widely accepted that five Californian high school students devised 4/20 as a code word to state their plans to get together later and smoke cannabis together. This holiday has roots back to the early ’70s when after confirming the code word with each other, they would then meet after school at 4:20 pm which is thought to be the ideal time of the day to smoke cannabis.

4/20 is now cherished by pot smokers and is seen as a key peaceful act of civil disobedience in the fight against cannabis prohibition.


4/21 – International Hemp Day

The newest edition to the hemp calendar is international hemp day. International hemp day was added to the roster as it fitted organically between earth day and 4/20. International hemp day is still in its infancy as an awareness day, but as the hemp industry grows nationally and globally, and the world begins to recognise the qualities and versatility of hemp, international hemp day will grow naturally alongside 4/20 as another day to celebrate the wonder crop.


4/22 – Earth Day

Earth day originated in 1970 so is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. This day now seems more poignant than ever to have reached this milestone with the global environmental crisis we are facing on an unprecedented scale. With hemp and cannabis having the ability to absorb 22 tones of Co2 per hectare, hemp and cannabis prohibition will have surely had a detrimental effect on climate change. Also, with hemp also offering several alternative sustainable solutions to building materials, fabrics, biofuel and plastic, the inappropriate prohibition of hemp alongside its psychoactive cousin has caused further strain on our planet. Earth day is a cause for celebration, reflection and action, and hemp and cannabis have a huge role to play in saving our planet.

Happy hemp and cannabis holidays everyone! 

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