What is CBD and what's all the fuss about?

Before the legalization of marijuana chances are you never even heard of CBD but within the last year or so it seems as if it’s taken over the world. I recently attended the CBD.io expo in Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center to learn more about what new products are on the rise, new ways to incorporate the use of CBD and to understand more about the benefits. My main question for most of the retail vendors was “How does the CBD in this benefit or affect me” in each of their respective fields. But that question seemed to leave most brands stumped and I felt I was left curious with more questions than answers. 


After all, as we were introduced to CBD it was solely marketed in CBD shops for medical uses but now, chances are you can pick up CBD products almost anywhere you go, from beauty, skincare, medical, sports industry, edibles and now water it’s practically in everything! Restaurants are even beginning to advertise their CBD infused cocktails and every one of these products claiming medicinal benefits and uses.
But does CBD really work?

For those of us that don’t want the psychoactive (some would say, therapeutic) effects of cannabis that THC produces, CBD seems like an excellent alternative. From adults, children and even pets CBD can provide holistic healing as a natural pain reliever, mood enhancer and for overall wellness but if you’ve tried any of these products most likely you're still left wondering... Is this working? 
The answer is well, sort of… Just like anything else, not all CBD products are created equal, similarly to how teas have a wide range of uses and health benefits, CBD oils that come from different plants which all have an individual molecular structure, so they can affect your body in different ways as well. I’m sure by now you know how different types of coffee can affect you or how a beer versus tequila will affect your body. Same with CBD, you have to become familiar with where it's coming from (hemp or cannabis-based) and find what will work best for you and your needs.

The science...


While the boom for CBD products continues to be on the rise and the growth isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, we simply can’t gather the scientific research needed fast enough to keep up with the demands of the market. For now, the industry is a bit like the Wild Wild West and many companies will, unfortunately, claim how their CBD has benefits but not provide much scientific research to back it up. As of now, what you can do to ensure you’re buying the best, like anything else is to please do your research. Look into the brands you currently use, you should be able to find out more about the seeds planted, soil and environment the plants are grown in up until the extraction process. Choosing from high quality, trusted brands, like HighProGrow who only use organic farming methods, follow high compliance standards and have some of the best soil in the country, near Napa Valley, CA will maximize the benefits you will get out of your CBD.
With all that said, CBD is recently an FDA- approved drug used to treat diseases such as Epilepsy, Parkinson's, sleep disorders, anxiety and much more. As research and clinical studies continue CBD will only be improved on and we’ll discover more treatments and uses in the future. Only time will tell where CBD will take us along with lots of money and dedicated research.

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