The Industry's "Gone Clean"

Watch any old school gangster film and I can guarantee at some point there will be a scene involving a federal agent and a mob boss telling him lies of how all his profits came from clean businesses or that it’s all clean money. Don’t ask me why, but that imagery is what’s going through my mind as I walk by the exhibitor booths at the MJBIZCON Conference. I can’t help but to envision flashbacks of these scenes from different films or shows and think to myself “Wow! This industry has gone clean.” It’s the world’s largest and most highly anticipated cannabis event in the industry which brings an energy of excitement into the air as you walk onto the showcase floor. I've probably watched one too many gangster films but I have to say, I had a different expectation of what the event might be like. My entire life as a child I was told how marijuana was bad or heard about all the stereotypes of the people that smoke it after all, but this... is none of that. 


It’s a bit overwhelming, walking through the Exhibitor's Hall and seeing the large-scale growth that’s happening within the industry. By no means was this suit and tie business conference boring, more than 35,000 people from all over the world attended. Showcased were more than 13,000 exhibitors throughout 3 days, taking up more than double the convention space than last year prior which was also held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Exhibitors displayed a variety of products and services for all needs within the industry such as farming soil, large machinery, extraction equipment, packaging products, law services, edibles, compliance and payroll companies, etc. Wall to wall you can see, touch and experience the latest in groundbreaking technologies and innovations within the market. Brands like Microsoft are capitalizing on the growth within the cannabis industry as they have created vertically integrated software, 365 Cannabis to help industry leaders thrive. The software will help provide farmers with more control in the production of different strands and seeds they grow, down to the distribution and POS systems for small businesses and at a wholesale level.

  Investors Intelligence Conference 

Many exhibitors and attendees searching for answers or looking to become more informed gathered for several educational lectures, 33 sessions took place just on Thursday of BizCon week. This allowed attendees to walk away with valuable insight, knowledge, and clarity on effective solutions to grow business whether you're just getting started or have already established yourself in the industry and looking for what's next. A series of networking mixers took place throughout the week, offering a unique chance to connect with others from around the world in all areas of the industry. The Investors Intelligence Conference, a two-day event held before the start of MJBizCon week was one of the mixers sponsored by HighProGrow which hosted high net worth and accredited investors providing exclusive investing insight, opportunities, and data. To take a closer look at the event check out episode 2 on MJBIZTV here.

Investors Intelligence Conference Women's Networking Reception

Guests that attended listened in on different investment tips and strategies, ways to increase capital as well as grow their networks. Along with the Investors Intelligence Conference, HighProGrow sponsored the Women’s Networking Reception on Wednesday. Hosted by MJBizDaily CEO and industry leader Cassandra Farrington the conversation throughout the night was on forward-thinking and continued efforts to further the industry and support the professionals within it. Recognizing the importance, leadership, and influence of women in the cannabis industry who are creating female-focused cannabis lifestyle brands, hemp-derived products for health and wellbeing, amongst other innovations. Investors and business owners from around the world are optimistic about integrating into the cannabis industry while still taking into account the social issues involved, politics and the struggles of federal banking. One thing is certain, that this is a revolutionary time in history for the future of cannabis. If you're looking to break into the industry in any way, now is the best time. 

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