The Coronavirus and CBD

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the media has been flooded with news on people panic buying dry foods, toiletries, and cleaning products. People are rushing to protect themselves and their families from catching the virus but are we doing enough to prepare our bodies to fight the infection?

 As we all adjust to living with the threat of COVID-19, and scientists continue working on solutions, many experts are suggesting the public take a holistic approach to combat this pandemic.

For most, the disease is mild, but if the disease progresses it is commonly due to the immune system overreacting to the virus. Therefore, the subject of improving your immune system is especially prevalent as people search for ways to best prepare their bodies to fight COVID-19. The focus remains on treatment as well as prevention on building immunity as well as overall health.


Does CBD improve the immune system?

One of the properties of CBD is that it is an ‘immunomodulator’ which means that it helps to regulate the immune system to keep it in good health. In effect, it acts like a defence against an attack.

Studies also reveal that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful in suppressing the immune system by reducing inflammation. CBD is an immune suppressor, so it has positive effects when the immune system becomes hyperactive or weakened. A hyperactive immune system causes overreaction when met with allergens or diseases and can even self-harm the body. Those chemical signals to the rest of the body cause inflammation, but this needs to be delicately balanced. Too much inflammation can cause collateral damage throughout the body.

CBD can also help to regulate your mood and in such uncertain times when stress levels are high CBD may be used to improve serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is associated with your mental health. Not having enough serotonin may cause anxiety.

Although CBD doesn’t necessarily boost serotonin levels, it may affect how your brain’s chemical receptors respond to the serotonin that’s already in your system. A recent review of existing studies concluded that CBD has anti-stress effects, which may reduce depression related to stress.

CBD may not be a cure for coronavirus, but it offers anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. These are significant for people who contract the coronavirus. Also, CBD is known to reduce stress and anxiety issues. All of these properties are helpful in fighting the disease.

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