Hemp Seed Oil Cleanse

How I never stumbled upon this acne treatment sooner which has miraculously transformed my skin, is beyond me. I'm thankful to have finally discovered the use of hemp seed oil as a part of my improved and simplified skincare routine. Excited to share this beauty secret so that others suffering as I did, will stress no more. I'll explain the use and benefits of the oils, the steps, and products in my nightly routine. I'm sure those of us who've struggled with acne whether it be hormonal, cystic, severe or teenage acne, are aware of the importance of using essential oils in your skincare regime. Even for the oiliest of skin, drying out too much can be a cause of the problem. After a few days of using this cleanse, I saw dramatic improvements and after a week of using this morning and night, my face was almost completely free of acne marks and redness. I have been using hemp seed oil to cleanse daily since.

Thinking that I had escaped teenage acne at 22, overnight I developed adult cystic acne. Never having to truly stress over a breakout before, I needed to start doing my skincare research. My nightly regime hadn't changed but my skin did so I began looking at the source to correct my skin from the inside out. I would recommend starting here for anyone suffering from problematic skin, as they say, "you are what you eat". I cleaned up my diet, never taking drugs or medications I knew that wasn't the source; began to cut out dairy and alcohol, limited my sugar intake, drank as much water as I could but somehow my skin was still ruining my life! Now, all that might have helped alone but at the same time, I added almost every step in the book to my nightly routine purchasing every product ever recommended to me, spending mornings and nights obsessing and picking at my face which is, of course, the first no-no in treating acne. My skin only got worse due to over-drying, I wasn't allowing my skin to heal and restore to its natural PH balance. Stressing over my acne, only continued to cause me acne and was doing me no good.

Thankfully one of the best tips of advice I received was to relax and simplify my routine. This seemed ridiculous to me than but I can say it's been years now since I've had cystic acne and I've managed to find a good balance with my skin besides the occasional hormonal breakout. As my skin continues to change, I still try to stay up to date on all the top beauty and skincare secrets. Recently I was intrigued by the use of Gua Sha tools which can tone skin and promote increased skin elasticity as well as other facial massage techniques. Still, the incredible treatment I wish I knew of sooner that's one of the simplest, most inexpensive ways to cleanse your face resulting in truly improved skin complexion and texture, is the Oil Cleaning method. 

What is Oil Cleansing?

Oil cleansing is using a combination of oils to cleanse the skin, removing the most stubborn of makeup instead of a traditional face wash or soap that may strip the skin of essential oils. Adding oils on top of oily skin may sound awful but it's a basic law in chemistry "like dissolves like". The oils act as an astringent drying out impurities, tightening pores and cleansing the skin. With the increased knowledge of hemp and hemp-derived products, hemp seed oil gained fame in the beauty industry and amongst dermatologists. Hemp seed oil is considered hypoallergenic, a low to no-allergen food, therefore safe for most people who are allergy-prone or have sensitive skin as well as being non-comedogenic. Rated 0 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, it's one of the few oils that will not clog your pores!


You can purchase oil cleaners online or in stores, like Living Libations, Best Skin Ever, Rose Cleanser but these cleansers can be costly and also have many other ingredients/oils in them like coconut oil, which tends to break me out and rated a 4 on the comedogenic scale which is why I opted to save money and create a custom blend for my needs. 

Hemp Seed Oil



In a 1 oz glass dropper or spray bottle, you'll combine:

• Hemp Seed Oil

• Castor Oil

*Optional- For a bit of luxury and extra benefits add 8-10 drops of a speciality oil e.g. Tea tree, Sea Buckthorn, Rose or Jojoba Oil                     

Yes, that's it! This combo is so amazing because you can find these products easily for less than $30. Not only saving me lots of money in lasting much longer than rebuying other cleansers but saving time daily by simplifying my routine.


Castor Oil - Great for this cleanse, it's extremely deep cleaning I would say essential in a cleanser. Dissolving and drying the appearance of acne overnight which is why you only need to use about 20-30% in your mixture, less for dry skin. When buying these oils be sure you're selecting an organic, high quality, cold-pressed oil which is especially important in choosing a castor oil to avoid low quality. Look for castor oil made from organic castor beans, cold-pressed and free from hexane-free, not solvent extracted.

Hemp Seed Oil - With the increased knowledge of hemp and hemp-derived products, this oil gained fame in the beauty industry and amongst dermatologists. Quite possibly the most gentle oil you could use on your skin, hemp seed oil, considered hypoallergenic, is a low to no-allergen food, therefore safe for anyone allergy-prone or that has sensitive skin. The beauty in hemp seed oil is that it is non-comedogenic, rated 0 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, it's one of the few oils that will not clog your pores. I repeat, will not clog your pores!

Oil Cleansing

Step by Step Oil Cleansing Technique:

1. Placing a few drops of the mixture into the palm of my hands, I warm up the oils before pressing and massage them gently onto my face. Here I'll take a few minutes to massage my face and even neck to increase circulation in my skin which also helps to promote lymphatic drainage and anti-ageing.

A detailed video on technics and reasons on why this is beneficial I recommend is Dr Mona Vand's anti-ageing face lifting massage.  https://youtu.be/whCvshXaVe4  

2. Taking a clean washcloth, run it under hot water and ring it out than drape it gently on your face covering and steaming the skin. This will loosen all the dirt and makeup on your face (yes, all of it) and is the key to why this works so great.

3. Once the cloth is cool, use the same towel to gently wipe off all the oil. Either rinse the towel, ring it out and repeat steps 1 and 2 or finish with step 4.

4. Lightly pat your face dry with the rag and you can add a few more drops of the hemp seed oil to the face as a moisturizer afterwards. 

Watch a quick video for these simple steps here.  

Never would I have imagined putting oils on my face as a cleanser, could be the solution for me. I assumed it might feel unpleasant, sticky maybe or possibly make my skin worse. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical but as a believer in the power of the hemp plant and food as medicine, I knew I had to give this a shot. Well, I can promise you, it was worth the risk for me and I know if you try this natural cleanser, you too will experience the benefits from hemp seed oil and oil cleansing.


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