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Our expertise lies in three core areas of hemp and cannabis cultivation that have been established with rigorous quality control, ensuring the finest products every time. Our mission is to never compromise on the environment, meaning we only ever use harmless organic pesticides and are always conscious of the impact of how our farming techniques impact on the environment.

Meet the Farmers
What Don doesn’t know about growing isn’t worth knowing.
Our chief farmer and head of operations has over 23 years of experience working in agriculture. Don has mastered his trade in commercial and organic rice and almond farming in California and his knowledge and passion is now being transferred into the cannabis industry. 
"Farming and Agriculture is in my blood. It isn’t a job it is a lifestyle. If you love what you do, then you never work a day in your life."


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Don Traynham
Our Values

We strive to operate profitably in a socially and environmentally conscious market. We honour the value of hard work, honesty and transparency in both our employees and leadership. We’re committed to on-going research and development of the various compounds found in hemp and their innovative applications.

Entrepreneurial & Innovative
Drive for Results
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Strategic Mindset
Collaborative Community
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Our people

Our people are what make High Pro Grow. Our team's dedication and passion are what makes our hemp and cannabis top of the crops.

Jim Davis
Chief Operating Officer
Don Traynham
Jason Bryson
Operations Manager

Location Matters

In California’s Emerald Triangle, cannabis is cultivated in abundance thanks to some of the most ideal natural conditions on the planet. The area's rich soil and Mediterranean climate are to weed what the geology of the Napa Valley is to wine.
Don Traynham 
HPG, Chief of Operations

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